Post Mortem Publications

We are a small publishing house providing a venue for new literary publications which we market primarily through traditional means. In an age where everyone is led to believe that publishing is simple because any one with a computer can do it, the basic tenants of the business itself become ignored and the resulting carnage simply becomes a bad educational experience. In an age where Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging provide a plethora of self aggrandized advertizing it is difficult to determine that such sites are actually there to promote anything of literary value. Being wrapped up in their own personas, it then becomes a struggle to understand that the work is more important than the author. We publish books and leave the social media to you. Once your publication appears for sale in Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books a Million or even on Nook, Kindle, or iBook, -then you can toot your own horn however you like. What we do is publish Books and Poems, -that’s what we do.

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